Wednesday, January 29, 2014

We have Libraries People

While working in the library this weekend, trying to find perfect comps for my next query, I heard a young girl ask her mother one simple question. All of a sudden I had a story idea. The kind of idea that hits you with full illustration ideas, at least three ‘problems’ to overcome and a funny/silly ending. I immediately scribbled the idea down in one of my handy notepads (seriously, don’t leave home without one). I am itching to work on this now.

I’ve been talking to other writers lately from my crit group, 12 x 12, and such. One thing I have found astonishing is very few talk about regular trips to the library. The library is where you can sit close to the help desk to hear what children and parents are looking for. The library is where you can see what books make the librarians get excited (This weekend was the classic Paper Bag Princess and The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash).

The library is where I study openings, character introduction and building, themes, just read *for FUN*. Remember those days of fun reading rather than study? Let’s get back to our roots people. Libraries are FREE, they opened doors for us as children, and they are full, floor to ceiling, of the greatest treasures. BOOKS! And you never know when you’ll hear one simple question that will inspire you to think of amazing, over the top, and creative answers.

Happy writing.

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