Saturday, February 8, 2014

Does writing get in the way of life? Or does life get in the way of writing?

Clearly my dog gets in the way of writing, but I wonder, what is being sacrificed when I write and when I don't write. When I'm writing, there are worlds I am creating. Completely immersed in color, sound, taste, smell, and touch, I am an artist in love with the creation process. Alone in my basement while the family laughs upstairs, I am happy. Content. Possibly a little crazy to love the imaginary worlds I create, big or small. But then there is guilt. What am I missing with my child? My husband? My friends? And,yes, even my pets? I imagine this is an issue all authors and artists deal with. So then we decide to make more time for our loved ones and ourselves. We exercise more, watch tv with our family (even though we hate that show they love so much) and we snuggle with the cat until the dog chases him away. But then there is guilt. What am I not writing that could be amazing right now? What character? What world? What perfect plot twist.
Dear Authors and Artists, all. We will never stop the cycle. Well, I could go live in that mountain alone, a happily writing hermit with a pet rock but that could be lonely. All we can strive for is balance. Don't neglect your family, your writing or yourself. Possibly, we all need some time management skills. We need exercise, food, and most important, our family and friends who love us even though we are weird writerly types. Because without balance... well...

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