Friday, January 10, 2014



This year I completed PiBoIdMo. Please say this word out loud so people around you can laugh... go ahead... I'll wait.

This was a wonderful kick in the rear  motivational tool for me. I had a ton of ideas.  Some of them were actually good.  Some, well, ahem, some will stay in file 13, labeled under 'Seriously What Was I Thinking?'.

By months end I had over 40 ideas.  Some were related and were consolidated.  I had a few rough drafts and one very solid draft that is already on draft three...maybe four.

For all you writers out there, even though the month is over you can create your own little PiBoId day, or week, or weekend.  I swear by making goals and/or lists and then getting to work.  Try it this weekend.  Create two or three lumpy concepts that you can begin to mold into something wonderful.  Take that first step.  Pick up a pen.  Have fun with it.

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