Friday, January 10, 2014

My Writing Journey

My journey to writerdom started years ago.  I planned on being an instant hit.  Since I'm not famous yet you can see that it wasn't as easy at I'd hoped.

Two years ago I made a goal. By 2014 I'd either have an agent or a work being published.  With this goal looming over me I wrote often.  On my lunch brake, in the car (as a passenger of course), evenings, weekends, in between meetings.

I attended my first SCBWI conference in spring of 2013 and realized... dang... I still have far to go.  Many drafts and two critique groups later I've entered contests and done well.  Not great but well. and I went to a second SCBWI conference.  Here I received one on one feedback from a successful author who has 60 published books of her own. She liked my work, tore some of it apart and then made me feel like I was ready for this.

More stories, critiques, drafts, ideas on napkins while scarfing down tacos, dozens of rejections which I proudly keep as proof of my efforts, reading so many writing blogs my eyes are permanently fuzzy. Finally, it happened.  Someone loved my story.

This year I have my first picture book under contract and I am working with an Editor. I reached my goal. 

So now what? Well, that part is easy. Write some more. The more I write the more I realize I love writing.  Even when my hair is on end and my eyes burn, when words hover just out of reach.  I love it.  As an added bonus, researching means *MORE BOOKS TO READ*.  Is the life of an author great or what?

I continue with my journey, enjoying even the steeper trails, and I hope that this is the first step towards more stories for children.  Picture Books, MG, and YA.  I love them all.  From Fat Cat on a Mat to Divergent. The Saddle Club and Captain Underpants. American Girl and The Familiars. I can't chose one. Books open up doors to other worlds and, hopefully, I can open doors for others into new worlds, old worlds, fantastic worlds.  The possibilities are only a pen and paper away.

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