Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Author Interview with Giveaway: Gayle Krause

Today we have picture book author Gayle Krause here to tell us about her new book, Daddy Can You See the Moon. Gayle has also been kind enough to offer a picture book critique to one lucky reader.  

Thank you, Gayle, for joining me on Reading, Writing, and Reaching for Chocolate!

Thank you for hosting me, June.

Every reader loves to know, what inspired this story?
As former Early Childhood Educator, I taught Children’s Literature to prospective teachers as part of their training program for over thirty years. I also directed a Laboratory Pre-K, affiliated with my teaching course, in Goshen, NY. It was there, as I sat on the floor of the nursery school, reading countless picture books to the preschoolers, or acting out fairy tales as creative dramatic presentations that I became uniquely attuned to the young child’s mind.

These precious little guys struggle to make sense of the world around them, especially the adult world of their parents. Emotional situations like divorce and deployment affect these children in a way that most adults cannot see.

It was one particular little boy that was having a very difficult time accepting the time frame of his dad’s separation from the family. That came back to me years later and the end result is DADDY, CAN YOU SEE THE MOON?

What is your process like?
As I mentioned above, I taught high school students and college freshman and also ran a Laboratory Pre-K. Consequently, after spending 30 years with these kids, I tend to write at both ends of the spectrum. Picture Books or Young Adult.

So my process might be a bit unconventional. After I spend two years or so working on a novel, I switch gears and create rhyming picture books. Why rhyming? Because essentially, I have a YA voice, and the rhymes help keep my word count low. Also, I enjoy the challenge of meter, beats, alliteration, and story in a rhyming format.

What do you hope readers take away from this story?

In this book, children from military families can see that they are not alone in this incredible, perplexing moment when Mom or Dad has to leave the family. And non-military children can also share the family bond and love that strengthens this little boy. The moon may wax and wane, but the special bond between a young boy and his father never wavers. Since April is recognized as The Month of the Military Child, I have teamed up with OUR MILITARY KIDS to help support children and families of deployed soldiers. 10% of all royalties will be donated to OUR MILITARY KIDS. www.ourmilitarykids.org

That is amazing! What else are you working on?
I am currently working on a MG Fantasy trilogy with a boy protagonist that goes on fantastic adventures in a parallel world.

What is your favorite chocolate or dessert?
My favorite dessert is a combination of both….a chocolate √©clair

Thanks again for having me on your blog, June. If your readers would like to know more about my books they can find me at http://www.gayleckrause.com

GIVE AWAY: Gayle is giving one lucky reader a rhyming picture book critique. 
I’d like to offer a rhyming picture book critique of no more than 500 words to one of your followers. If they would kindly comment below and share this post on social media (including where they posted).


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  1. Thank you Gail for expressing concern and thought for military families...as our family has been through three deployments already, this book should brighten up our day.

  2. As a child, my dad served oversees for a year while we stayed stateside. It's tough. Great topic for a PB. I shared on Twitter.

  3. I would LOVE to get your thoughts on a MS. Thanks for the wisdom. I will share on twitter. :)