Monday, August 29, 2016

Concept to Completion: Agent

Agents are busy people who only make money once a book is sold. I had many kind and generous agents who have agreed to interviews for this blog. Unfortunately none were available in time for this series. (We'll be seeing them in the fall.)

Since I wanted to keep this in order for when future readers go through the entire series, this is going to be a placeholder for an interview.

I will say that having an agent opens doors that you may not be able to get through on your own.

Some publishing houses are closed to unsolicited manuscripts and without an agent you can only sub to them if you've met them at a class or conference.

Also, a good agent is going to be honest with you about if your manuscript is ready. They may even be editorial and assist you in getting your manuscript to the next level before sending it on submission.

An agent will also be more likely to get you better terms if/when you get an offer. They are familiar with contracts and clauses, advances, royalties, rights, publishing houses of every size, plus they become a supporter of your work in many ways.

When subbing to agents be mindful that this is a professional situation. Letters should be organized, proofread, and polite. If an agent gives you any feedback, even if they don't offer representation, please appreciate it. They don't get paid unless they are selling books, so if they take the time to give you a personal rejection, then you should take it as a compliment to your work. And I do believe it is a compliment.

If you are querying agents, I wish you the best of luck.

Coming Soon: An actual Agent Interview

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