Saturday, November 7, 2015

Week One of PIBOIDMO 2015

So one week has passed in PiBoIdMo. I have seven shiny new picture book ideas, right?

No, actually. And that is weird for me. Most of the time I am an idea machine. Usually it is the sitting down with a hammer and smashing my idea to bits so that I can reconfigure it into a masterpiece that is the hard part.

I have three ideas so I'm not to far behind. That doesn't mean I'm not working.  Critiques are happening, both for me and by me, classes, and editing current works for picture books and my chapter book WIP.

So hang in there other PiBoIdMo writers. If the idea's aren't flowing today then write or edit something else. Maybe even try a different style. If you normally write on the computer try picking up a pencil and paper. Stay busy and just maybe an idea will .... holy crap I just had an idea while writing this.  OFF TO THE IDEA NOTEBOOK...

What? Were you expecting something fancy? Go get to writing! The notebook paper awaits.

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