Sunday, October 19, 2014

It's Almost Time for PiBoIdMo

Can you smell it? Fall is in the air. Time for sweaters, hot cider, and more time indoors. That means it is the perfect time to get all those story ideas you've been toying with down on paper (or on the screen).

What? You don't have any Picture Book ideas right now? Well, you're in luck.  My favorite event is coming soon. Picture Book Idea Month aka PiBoIdMo.

The goal is one story idea per day.  Last year I exceeded my goal. Of the over thirty ideas only about three truly usable picture book ideas, and one magazine article idea stuck with me through multiple revisions and on to critique partners. I see that as a complete success and it was tons of fun.

There are prompts, which I love, and guest bloggers, and tons of support from the writing community. If you write picture books go check it out. I need to go decorate this year's PiBoIdMo Notebook. I'm thinking sparkles...

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