Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What's in a name?

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, right? Well, that depends.  Would you even smell it if the name was Manure Flower?

What about Death Star? Works for a ship, but not a flower. 

So what do the names you choose tell me about your characters?

Blake Irwin could be the next Indiana Jones.  Hubert Copperbottom IV? Not so much, but he could be the great and wise wizard. 

If you name your heroine Sandy Shorts, you better be writing a comedy.  It would be hard for her to get a job as a lawyer in your book. 

I want to be able to pronounce the names I read, as well.  They can still be alien names, or names from other countries. Just be conscious of being able to say it out loud.  The blue alien Cronkle Borg can be spoken about out loud.  The pink alien WHLYQUAZYVLOBLE? Well, I doubt I'll be telling any of my friends about her story. 

Think about your names.  These books are like your children and they will live with them their whole lives.

So your writing prompt of the week is to tell me about one of the following characters.  Who are they? What kind of job do they have? What was their mother like? What are their hobbies, hopes, dreams?

Blake Irwin
Hubert Copperbottom
Chrysalis Meadows
Andrew Hawks
Aszure Jacobs
Griffin Arnold

Make up your own if you don't like mine.  But think of the last time there was a president named Bob (Hint: Never) or James (Hint: Six).  Names can be ironic but they still need to be believable.

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